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30 VDP Views
When it comes to selling cars on time, it turns out there really is a magic number – and it’s 30.
October 5, 2016

The research is in, and the conclusions are vital for dealers. Cars that receive 30 VDP views within 30 days sell…

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VIN-specific strategy
Create a unique, VIN-specific strategy to meet each of your goals.
July 20, 2016

You may already know that VIN-specific marketing can be a powerful tool for moving specific cars off your lot. But have…

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SPECIAL REPORT: Dealers Are Sending 89% of VDP Views To 25% of Their VINs
June 8, 2016

Are dealers doing a good job distributing VDP views to every VIN on their lot? We wanted to find out, so…

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Key to Dealer Digital Advertising
The 1 Thing Every Dealer Needs To Do Before Spending A $1 Of Digital Advertising
May 26, 2016

Dealers, are you wasting money advertising vehicles from your inventory that are already getting online VIN view attention? If your answer…

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Brian Pasch VVO
Look Who’s Talking About VVO™
April 25, 2016

“When 40% of a dealer’s inventory does not have enough VDP views to trigger a sale, it is clear that new…

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