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Use deeplinking to get your inventory closer to shoppers

It’s a simple idea. When you get your inventory closer to shoppers, you sell more cars—faster.

More than 1,000 dealer groups who use LotLinx Deeplinking ™ are getting their inventory in front of more online shoppers, more often.

  • They had 52.4% more shoppers visit their websites
  • 95% of those shoppers were new visitors
  • Their online engagement doubled—with twice as many VDP views
  • Shoppers spent twice as much time on the dealership website
  • They sold 1 vehicle for every 27 website visitors
  • And with all those extra buyers, their new vehicle inventory sold 44% faster.

LotLinx gets your inventory closer to shoppers—and getting closer to shoppers sells more vehicles.

It’s that simple.