LEN SHORT Len Short Chairman, CEO
JERRY CASILLI Jerry Casilli General Partner Rembrandt Venture Partners
JIM RIESENBACH Jim Riesenbach Director Exec VP/GM at Ziff Davis Media, and former CEO at Autobytel
RICH LEFURGY Rich LeFurgy Founding IAB Chairman
JASON KNIGHT Jason Knight Vice Chairman


THOMAS GAGE Thomas Gage Chief Strategy Officer
ROB VUCIC Rob Vucic Chief Technology Officer
LANCE SCHAFER Lance Schafer General Manager, Product and Technology
DAN LEGAL Dan Legal Head of Product
NEAL GANN Neal Gann President
MARK CONNER Mark Conner Chief Retail Strategy Officer
JONATHAN HILDREY Jonathan Hildrey Chief Financial Officer
GIOVANNA SCOGNAMIGLIO Giovanna Scognamiglio Chief Sales Officer
JONAS MOSKOWITZ Jonas Moskowitz Chief Enablement Officer
ADRIAN D’SOUZA Adrian D'Souza Chief Operating Officer


PHIL LASPINA Phil Laspina Director, Account Management
BETHANY GERRY Bethany Gerry Director, Account Management
ZACHARY WILMES Zach Wilmes Director, Account Management
AMY MOURELATOS Amy Mourelatos Senior Strategy Manager
AUTUMN GRACE Autumn Grace Senior Strategy Manager
DANIELLE CLASING Danielle Clasing Senior Strategy Manager
ANNE CURTO Anne Curto Senior Strategy Manager
VINCE SCHIANO Vince Schiano Senior Strategy Manager
STACY MADDY Stacy Maddy Strategy Manager
LISA LOMBARDI Lisa Lombardi Strategy Manager
CHRIS SCALES Chris Scales Strategy Manager
MARIA CAMARDELLA Maria Camardella Strategy Manager
ANN LUCAS Ann Lucas Strategy Manager
ANDREW ROSS Andrew Ross Strategy Manager
JENNIFER JOHNS Jennifer Johns Strategy Manager
JAMES BELEKANICH James Belekanich Strategy Manager


GREG GARBER Greg Garber VP, Strategic Development
JOHN MARSHALL John Marshall Director, Channel Partnerships
MEGHAN PETRETTA Meghan Petretta Partnership Manager
MICHELLE PIERCE Michelle Pierce Senior Agency Strategist
JAY HOWELL Jay Howell Agency Strategist


MAUREEN TAYLOR Maureen Taylor Sr. Director, Sales Enablement
DENISE DA COSTA Denise Da Costa Director, Sales Operations
SCOTT QUESADA Scott Quesada Regional Vice President, West
MICHELLE MALEBRANCHE Michelle Malebranche Regional Director, West
SARAH HICKS Sarah Hicks Regional Director, Southeast
KELLY STOOP Kelly Stoop Regional Director, East
RYAN HOPP Ryan Hopp National Strategy Manager
MELISSA MARJANOVIC Melissa Marjanovic National Strategy Director
KRISTIN FREY Kristin Frey Market Manager
ADRIENNE WINSOR Adrienne Winsor Market Manager
ADAM PEKALE Adam Pekale Market Manager
KEVIN KIRSCHNER Kevin Kirschner Market Manager
BROOK WIEBERS Brook Wiebers Market Manager
RICKY BISHOP Ricky Bishop Market Manager
CHRIS PERRY Chris Perry Market Manager
MONICA WEST Monica West Market Manager
CHASIDY HEPPARD Chasidy Heppard Market Manager
JON THOMAS Jon Thomas Market Manager
DENYN PYSZ Denyn Pysz Market Manager
CHARLES CREIGHTON Charles Creighton Market Manager
ANGELA MANCUSO Angela Mancuso Market Manager
JENNA EDLUND Jenna Edlund Market Manager
KEVIN MULLINS Kevin Mullins Market Manager
Poojitha Edulakanti Poojitha Edulakanti Certified Salesforce Administrator
DANIEL HAN Daniel Han Sales Operations Specialist


MARK BIEBRICH Mark Biebrich Senior Director, Data Analytics
IAN MOSLEY Ian Mosley Analytics Engineer


ROBERT LANGTRY Robert Langtry VP, Product Operations
CURTIS FEHR Curtis Fehr Senior Director, Media Development
SEAN JOHNSTON Sean Johnston Product Operations Lead
COLTON JULYAN Colton Julyan Technical Operations Lead
MELVYN NAVASCA Melvyn Navasca Senior Software Developer
KALPESH PATEL Kalpesh Patel Technical Operations Specialist
STEVE BAYONA Steve Bayona Product Specialist, Ad Operations
GUNJ PATEL Gunj Patel Technical Operations Specialist
NHOLAN TAGUMPAY Nholan Tagumpay Technical Operations Specialist
KERHA AOMREORE Kerha Aomreore Product Specialist, Ad Operations


DEREK MAH Derek Mah VP, Product
MATTHEW WAWRIN Matthew Wawrin VP, Engineering
ALEX KARPYZA Alex Karpyza Senior Director, Product Development
MAIEN HAMED Maien Hamed Senior Director, Machine Learning and AI
SCOTT AITCHISON Scott Aitchison Technical Team Lead
RUSS BURDICK Russ Burdick Senior Staff Developer, Tech Lead
DOUG GRIFFITH Doug Griffith Senior Software Developer
KEVIN HILDEBRAND Kevin Hildebrand Senior Software Developer
IAN MCPHILLIPS Ian McPhillips Staff DevOps Developer, Team Lead
STEPHEN PAWULSKI Stephen Pawulski DevOps Developer
ADRIAN CZAJKOWSKI Adrian Czajkowski Software Developer
ALEX PROWSE Alex Prowse Software Developer
DANIELA ALVES Daniela Alves Staff Software Developer
STEVE MARSHALL Steve Marshall Staff Software Developer, Front End Lead
VICTOR AFOLABI Victor Afolabi Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Developer
SAI MUPPARAPU Sai Mupparapu Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Developer
DENIS NISHIDA Denis Nishida Software Developer
MOHAMMED DAWOOD Mohammed Dawood Software Developer in Test
DAVID WROBLEWSKI David Wroblewski Software Developer
Raza Shah Raza Shah Product Solutions Specialist
NICOLAS NEIMAN Nicolas Neiman Software Developer, Front End


COLE SHORT Cole Short Director of Design
MARY MCDONNELL Mary McDonnell Marketing Manager
HANNAH EGGERT Hannah Eggert Marketing Manager


Lauren Lacoy Lauren Lacoy Corporate Controller
CHRISTINA RINALDI Christina Rinaldi Senior Accounts Receivable Specialist
ANDREA MCGILLIVRAY Andrea McGillivray Senior Accountant
SANJIDA SALEH Sanjida Saleh Accounting Assistant


Allison Fredericks Allison Fredericks Director, Human Resources
NICK PISARSKY Nick Pisarsky Corporate Counsel
NICOLE CHAGNON Nicole Chagnon Office Manager