LEN SHORT Len Short Chairman, CEO
JERRY CASILLI Jerry Casilli General Partner Rembrandt Venture Partners
JIM RIESENBACH Jim Riesenbach Director Exec VP/GM at Ziff Davis Media, and former CEO at Autobytel
RICH LEFURGY Rich LeFurgy Founding IAB Chairman
JASON KNIGHT Jason Knight Vice Chairman


MARK BOYD Mark Boyd Industry Advisor
KIM DEPALMA Kim DePalma Industry Advisor
ERIC BROWN Eric Brown Industry Advisor


GEE LEUNG Gee Leung Chief Operating Officer
THOMAS GAGE Thomas Gage Chief Strategy Officer
ROB VUCIC Rob Vucic Chief Technology Officer
LANCE SCHAFER Lance Schafer General Manager, Product and Technology
DAN LEGAL Dan Legal Head of Product
MICHAEL MORRISON Michael Morrison Chief Revenue Officer
LISA HART Lisa Hart Chief People Officer
JOHN LANE John Lane Chief of Staff


PAT WARD Pat Ward General Manager, West Region
MARK CONNER Mark Conner Senior VP, Channel Strategy
RON VIEIRA Ron Vieira VP, Canada Region
DAVID PATE David Pate Senior Manager, Sales Development
JIM GRANT Jim Grant Senior Sales Executive
RYAN HOPP Ryan Hopp Senior Sales Executive
HANNAH LIFSON Hannah Lifson Account Management Manager
SEBASTIAN SIEMBIEDA Sebastian Siembieda Sales Support Specialist
BRIAN BOGART Brian Bogart Senior Account Executive
TAYLOR JORDAN Taylor Jordan Account Executive
ADAM SLOWINSKI Adam Slowinski Account Executive
BETHANY GERRY Bethany Gerry Dealer Sales
KELLY DUKE Kelly Duke Lead Development Representative
JOHN VICTOR John Victor Sales Development Representative
BLAKE WIERS Blake Wiers Sales Development Representative
TOBIAS DORSEY Tobias Dorsey Sales Development Representative
KEVIN CARLSON Kevin Carlson Sales Development Representative
AJAY SHAH Ajay Shah SEM /AI/ Sales Specialist
ANNE CURTO Anne Curto Sales Development Representative
RYAN WILSON Ryan Wilson Sales Development Representative
STAN VIDINLI Stan Vidinli Sales Development Representative
JAMAAL SANDERS Jamaal Sanders Sales Development Representative
SETH ADAMS Seth Adams SEM /AI/ Sales Specialist
Stephen Griffin Stephen Griffin SEM /AI/ Sales Specialist
BENJAMIN MASCOW Benjamin Mascow SEM /AI/ Sales Specialist
DASHA MASHERAVA Dasha Masherava Marketing Generalist
JACQUELINE SUKACZ Jacqueline Sukacz Sales Development Representative
GRANT HARRISON Grant Harrison Sales Development Representative
KIM VAN RENSBURG Kim Van Rensburg Sales Development Representative
NICHOLAS CAUDELL Nicholas Caudell Sales Development Representative
ANDRES BOTERO Andres Botero Sales Development Representative


JOHN GOTTSCHALK John Gottschalk Senior VP, Channel Partnerships
ELITA SELMON Elita Selmon Director, Channel Partnerships
JOHN MARSHALL John Marshall Lead Strategist, Channel Partnerships
ALEX KESHISHIAN Alex Keshishian Senior Strategist, Channel Partnerships
MICHELLE PIERCE Michelle Pierce Digital Strategist


KEITH SCHUYLER Keith Schuyler VP, Account Management
PHIL LASPINA Phil Laspina Director, Account Management
JENNIFER PAINE Jennifer Paine Director, Major Accounts
STEVE WEISMAN Steve Weisman Account Management Manager
JARED SHUMICKI Jared Shumicki Account Management Manager
ZACHARY WILMES Zachary Wilmes Senior Sales Executive
AUTUMN GRACE Autumn Grace Digital Strategist
DANIEL CHEESEMAN Daniel Cheeseman Digital Strategist
DANIELLE CLASING Danielle Clasing Digital Strategist
ERIKA WATTS Erika Watts Digital Strategist
KEVIN LEADLEY Kevin Leadley Digital Strategist
JAIME ZAZOVE Jaime Zazove Digital Strategist
BEN KALE Ben Kale Digital Strategist
DERRICK WOOD Derrick Wood Client Onboarding Strategist
SMIT DESAI Smit Desai Account Management Reporting Analyst
CHRISTOPHER VANEK Christopher Vanek Inventory Strategist
LYUBOV SHEREMETA Lyubov Sheremeta Client Services Associate


TOM KIRBY Tom Kirby VP, Business Strategy
DAVID SALINAS David Salinas VP, Business Analytics
CHING LUO Ching Luo Senior Reporting Analyst
NAGA KALIPI Naga Kalipi Reporting Analyst
SRIKANTH SOMU Srikanth Somu Reporting Analyst


DEAN VILLEGAS Dean Villegas SVP, Platform Management
DAN CUNNINGHAM Dan Cunningham Platform Manager
MADELINE BAILEY Madeline Bailey Platform Manager
YOGITHA KILAMBI Yogitha Kilambi Salesforce Administrator


ROBERT LANGTRY Robert Langtry VP, Product Operations
SEAN JOHNSTON Sean Johnston Product Operations Lead
COLTON JULYAN Colton Julyan Technical Operations Lead
STEVE JANDA Steve Janda Launch Operations Manager
TIMOTHY FLORES Timothy Flores Digital Inventory Analysis Technician
KALPESH PATEL Kalpesh Patel Technical Operations Specialist
VINISHA THAKKAR Vinisha Thakkar Digital Analytics Implementation Specialist
NICK CORSARO Nick Corsaro Technical Operations Specialist
NICHOLAS COMPTON Nicholas Compton Launch Associate
MAGGIE WAGNER Maggie Wagner Launch Associate
STEVE BAYONA Steve Bayona Product Specialist, Ad Operations
BRITTANY BARANOWSKI Brittany Baranowski Tier 2 Technical Operations Specialist


SCOTT AITCHISON Scott Aitchison Technical Team Lead
ALEX KARPYZA Alex Karpyza Director, Product Management
MARK BIEBRICH Mark Biebrich Senior Product Development Manager
MATTHEW WAWRIN Matthew Wawrin Lead Developer
MELVYN NAVASCA Melvyn Navasca Senior Software Developer
RUSS BURDICK Russ Burdick Senior Software Developer
DOUG GRIFFITH Doug Griffith Senior Software Developer
JOE ROZIC Joe Rozic Software Developer
KEVIN HILDEBRAND Kevin Hildebrand Software Developer
ADRIAN CZAJKOWSKI Adrian Czajkowski Software Developer
MAIEN HAMED Maien Hamed Machine Learning and A.I. Developer
IAN MCPHILLIPS Ian McPhillips DevOps Engineer
JOSE THOMAS Jose Thomas Junior Software Developer - Data Engineering
TREVOR STEWART Trevor Stewart Machine Learning Developer
DENIS NISHIDA Denis Nishida Junior Software Developer
ALEX PROWSE Alex Prowse Software Developer
MOHAMMED DAWOOD Mohammed Dawood Software Developer in Test
AQEEL ABBAS Aqeel Abbas Junior Dev Ops


ERIC TURNER Eric Turner VP, Product Management
SAM BOLDA Sam Bolda Marketing Director
MARY MCDONNELL Mary McDonnell Marketing Communications Specialist
JASLEEN JASWAL Jasleen Jaswal SEM Manager
TYLER SANCHEZ Tyler Sanchez Graphic Designer


Paul Slone Paul Slone Vice President, Finance
JARED DODSON Jared Dodson Director of Finance
TOM ANDERSON Tom Anderson Senior Accountant
VIORICA TOZLOVAN Viorica Tozlovan Accounts Payable Manager
CHRISTINA RINALDI Christina Rinaldi Sr. Accounts Receivable Specialist
SUSAN VANDERHORST Susan Vanderhorst Bookkeeper
NICK BURDELL Nick Burdell Staff Accountant


MERI GLADE Meri Glade Independent Senior Counsel
BOB HARBIN Bob Harbin Human Resources Generalist
CAMERON LEWIS Cameron Lewis IT Manager
DEANNA ORTEGA Deanna Ortega Office Manager