Dealer Talk with Jen Suzuki – Dealership AI Marketing ft. LotLinx

Tune in to the latest podcast episode of Dealer Talk with Jen Suzuki featuring LotLinx General Manager of Product and Technology, Lance Schafer. Listen here: Spotify & iTunes.

From the podcast: “Wait, whatttt? AI in marketing? It’s getting real smart when you leverage this evolving tech in your marketing strategies! You gotta listen to this episode as I talk with Lance Schafer, a thought leader on AI and an OG in digital marketing. He’s a distinguished entrepreneur with a particularly long list of experience in both building digital companies as well as leveraging digital marketing to help build businesses. Now this makes total sense in being able to maximize efficiencies in moving cars at better margins. Imagine being able to ask your marketing assistant, your AI tool like you do Alexa or Siri things like, what cars do I have that need more advertising? and where are the buyers at online? or whats ads should I use to market these cars? or how long will it take to sell this car? Join us on this episode to learn more!”