Dealer: AutoCenters Dealer Group
Location: 4 locations in the greater St. Louis area
Customer: Travis Scheaffer, E-Commerce Director
Start Date: July 2016

“Before LotLinx, We couldn't track our data, and we didn't know if the stuff we were doing worked or not. We just had to rely on the good graces of this pre-packaged data third-party providers got from their own databases.“

Autocenters Results with LotLinx – Autocenters Nissan

April 2017

Amount Invested


VDP Views


Vehicles Sold


“LotLinx Turn™ is a multi-use tool. That's what I really like about it. The reporting is so transparent that I can track my ROI. That's why we've increased our spend. That's why we're putting more stores on.“


Ability to do VIN-based marketing to move one car or dozens

Innovative marketing approach consistent with the dealer group’s business ethos

Greater insight into digital analytics and ROI

“My general manager's looking at the data, and he's like, 'We're selling cars off this, aren't we?' 'Hell, yeah,' we all said. 'We're selling cars off this.' And he's like, "Okay, I'm sold. Let's increase the budget."“

The Bottom Line For Travis

April 2017

Cost Per VDP View


1-Month holding Cost Savings


Increase Vehicle Turn


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