LotLinx TURNx brings real-time pricing, demand, and competitor data right to your desktop. It’s a full stack VINtech™ solution.

Download the free browser plugin to start maximizing your inventory potential.


Acquire Skillfully

LotLinx predictive technology uses billions of data points to take the guesswork out of vehicle acquisition.

Protect gross margins and accelerate turn by understanding each VIN’s in-market demand and profit potential – before you buy.


Market Profitably

Avoid routine, calendar-based markdowns by proactively pricing new and used inventory. Compare pricing details from all major third party vendors and receive unbiased recommendations.

Understand the level of marketing necessary to sell each unit. Track days-on-lot and active shopper demand against market standards.

Accelerate inventory turn by building digital marketing campaigns unique to each VIN. Launch campaigns directly from the in-site platform.


Sell Efficiently

Outperform competition from the auction floor to the showroom. Gain an exclusive understanding of your marketplace.

Create transparency across dealership departments with the easily accessible Chrome extension.

Acquire, market, and sell your inventory faster
with VIN-level predictive technology.