LotLinx-VIN Specific™ Digital Advertising

Sell cars smarter with marketing campaigns

powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Achieve your vehicle sales goals by connecting active inventory

on your lot directly to in-market car buyers searching for them.


Find purchase-intent car buyers searching for similar inventory nearby.


Aggressively promote your VIN specific inventory on relevant channels until they turn.


Your Car Ads link directly to VDP’s on your dealership’s
website, or to high-conversion LotLinx templates.

LotLinx /AI/ Brain


Effective online car advertising has always been a matter of reaching the right car buyers at the right time. LotLinx /AI/ takes that dynamic even further. It delivers a consistent flow of low-funnel, ready to buy car shoppers directly to a dealer’s website. Through a combination of shopper scoring, algorithmic bidding, and cross-channel display advertising, LotLinx digital advertising campaigns turn VINs up to 78% faster than control groups.

  • Display through 5 major digital channels, with a combined reach of 60 million+ car shoppers monthly (more than any other single source in the industry).
  • Use artificial intelligence (AI) assisted bidding to prioritize self-declared car shoppers with aggressive remarketing efforts.
  • Deliver vehicle shoppers directly to the dealer’s website vehicle details pages (VDPs) or our conversion-optimized LotLinx AMPs.

Schedule a demo and see how LotLinx-VIN Specific™ online campaigns can improve your car sales and increase the turn on your lot.

LotLinx /AI/ Brain