PCG Companies recognizes TURNx and VINtv at the 2021 Automotive Website Awards.

Peterborough, NH – March 2, 2021 – LotLinx, the automotive industry’s leading Vehicle Marketing System, announced today its recognition in the 2021 Automotive Website Awards. PCG Companies’ Brian Pasch founded the AWAs in 2008 to recognize the best vendors in automotive digital marketing. Since then, they have become a benchmark in the automotive industry for innovative products in technology, design, search marketing, and social media.

Through an extensive process, experts at PCG review, research, and rate the leading products for dealers to incorporate into their business. VINtv, LotLinx’s /AI/-powered video marketing platform was awarded an AWA in the Digital Marketing category. The tool generates and positions video advertising segments on the most effective channels and streaming platforms used by consumers in the car buying process.

LotLinx also accepted the Rising Star award for TURNx. The browser extension brings real-time pricing, demand, and competitor data right to a dealer’s desktop, eliminating digital waste and maximizing profit potential. The Rising Star award is given to products that demonstrate unparalleled potential to revolutionize the industry.

For the second year in a row, LotLinx proudly accepted the Vanguard Award, created to recognize companies that are consistently improving with breakthrough innovation. 

“Year after year, Len Short has recreated, pivoted, and identified opportunities to use data and AI to do some amazing things,” notes Brian Pasch, CEO and Founder of PCG Companies. “VINtv and TURNx are examples of his commitment to completely innovating automotive retail and providing dealers with actionable data.”

“It’s an honor to accept both the Vanguard and Rising Star awards and to be acknowledged as an industry disruptor. I want to thank Brian and his team for their thorough research and reviews each year.” noted Len Short, LotLinx Chairman and CEO.

For the first time in its 13-year history, the AWA awards were presented virtually. Hundreds of leaders in automotive marketing strategies, online dealer education, marketing analytics, and digital retailing registered to attend this year’s online award ceremony.


About LotLinx: LotLinx is the automotive industry’s leading Vehicle Marketing System. Founded in 2012 and based out of Peterborough, NH, LotLinx harnesses today’s industry data to develop a specific marketing plan for each vehicle on a dealer’s lot. With a proven track record of progressing dealers to #1 in their markets, LotLinx is committed to providing precision-level marketing that accelerates inventory turn, increases gross margin, and returns control back to the dealer. To learn more about LotLinx, please visit www.lotlinx.com or email hello@lotlinx.com.