CHICAGO, September 8, 2016

In a first-time analysis of VDP view distribution, automotive digital marketing technology provider LotLinx® has found cars that receive 30 VDP views in 30 days sell more quickly than those that do not. This comprehensive study of 483,715 VINs from 299 dealers around the country found that 81% of cars on dealer lots sold after receiving 30 VDPs views in 30 days or less – as compared to 65% of cars that received fewer than 30 VDPs in the same time frame. The report stresses the importance of distributing VDP views across dealers’ inventories in order to drive sales across the board.

As LotLinx VP of Business Analytics David Salinas explains, “This means many cars on individual dealer lots do not receive enough VDP views to sell on time. Dealers have the opportunity to optimize sales by assessing which cars need more VDP views, and then distributing views across their inventory to meet their established turn rate goals.”

Major takeaways from the LotLinx report include:

  • 72% of all VDP views went to just 25% of cars, leaving the large majority of VINs under-supported. This demonstrates an inefficient use of VDP views and a marked waste of ad dollars.
  • The remaining 75% of cars on lot received, on average, fewer than the 30 VDP views needed to boost sales. In fact, the bottom 25% averaged only one VDP view per VIN, too few for a sale to be realized.

Says Len Short, founder of LotLinx, “Dealers clearly know the value of VDP views in driving sales, but they have not had visibility into the distribution of VDP views until now. Too many cars get no support while others may be getting more than they need to sell. Basically, not all VDP views are equal. I encourage all dealers to take a closer look at their VDP view distribution. That examination will likely reveal the value of VIN specific marketing campaigns, and the opportunity to reduce wasted ad spend.”

This data comes from the first in a quarterly series of data reports by LotLinx examining the effects of VDP view distribution.

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LotLinx is an innovative digital marketing company that uses proprietary Deeplinking™ technology to connect online auto shoppers who are nearing a purchase decision directly with dealer VDPs. That connection increases consumer traffic to lots and speeds inventory turn. Founded in 2012 and based in Chicago, LotLinx works with thousands of dealers around the country, enabling them to reach over 63 million unique car shoppers per month across more than 500 digital properties. For more information, visit

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