Take advantage of an extensive suite of inventory analysis tools to gain a complete understanding of your dealership marketing performance.

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Markdown/Selldown
  • VIN View Optimizer
  • Smart Pricing
  • Lot Map

Competitive Analysis

Wondering what the dealership down the road is up to? Take an unbiased look at how your lot stacks up against the top dealerships in your market.


Do you know when to pull the markdown lever on your stubborn inventory? Compare your lot’s pricing and sales pace with market standards so you can make the smartest decisions for your margins.

VIN View Optimizer

View a VIN-by-VIN breakdown of your inventory’s VDP exposure to find out which high-converting VINs and which traffic sources are burning your marketing spend.

Smart Pricing

Are you pricing to your full potential? Analyze your lot’s current pricing breakdown and view recommendations to maximize dealership ROI, prevent slipping gross profit, and reduce days on lot.

Lot Map

Segment your lot into the most effective VINs for each sales objective. Categorize units by their level of risk, brand incentives, high volume, and more to help visualize the potential for your next campaign.


Use inventory insights and your dealership’s unique sales goals to determine your campaign objectives.

TURN campaigns are entirely customizable:

  • Let LotLinx /AI/ identify the top vehicles to promote based on market demand, or hand select your VINs based on your strategy findings.
  • Work within your ideal budget by spending only $75 per campaign vehicle.
  • Target highly-engaged shoppers wherever they may be considering their next purchase.


Track results in real time and manage your sales pace with transparent campaign reporting.

Enable the TURN browser Extension and gain real-time insights as you manage inventory.

Download the extension now free!

Right the first time - every time.

  • Track VIN performance compared to market standards for days-on-lot and active shopper demand.
  • Compare pricing details from all major third party vendors and receive unbiased recommendations for setting your listing price.
  • Drive shoppers to your VDPs by launching digital campaigns directly from the in-site platform.
  • Create transparency between your dealership’s management, sales, marketing, and inventory departments.

Download the TURN Extension now, and promote your first 5 VINs for free.

Download the extension now!