It’s a simple idea. Get your inventory closer to shoppers with LotLinx and sell more vehicles.

What is LotLinx?

Our Shopper Targeting Platform links millions of car buyers from hundreds of auto sites directly to your dealership’s website vehicle detail pages (VDPs). It’s that simple.

LotLinx = Great ROI

LotLinx Deeplinking™ delivers high-quality VINtenders (vehicle shoppers) directly to your dealership website at the lowest cost. Using LotLinx, you control your budget and limits, and you only pay for shoppers delivered to your website.

Increase sales velocity with LotLinx

Only 1% of auto shoppers submit an email lead. LotLinx enables you to connect with the other 99% of vehicle shoppers.

LotLinx Helps You Sell More Vehicles

Control Group (No Deeplinking™)
25 Stores

Test Group (with Deeplinking™)
25 Stores

Hundreds of dealers have already added LotLinx to their marketing programs. Shouldn’t you, too?

Do you still have questions? Give us a call, 800.625.LINX (5469).