Is your marketing as
VIN-Aware as you are?

Go to market smarter with the LotLinx VIN Strategy Report.

The LotLinx VIN Strategy Report (VSR) is a deep dive into a dealer’s inventory. The /AI/ platform starts by measuring the market health of every VIN, identifying the unique opportunities and challenged units on your lot, and suggests smart campaigns to increase turn and maximize gross margin.

The digital marketing industry
has an elephant in the room.

And it's no secret the landscape has become unmanageable.

U.S. Digital Ad Impressions

Ad impressions grow at an exponential rate while Low-funnel buyers are spread across thousands of channels, becoming even more elusive to already digital savvy dealers.

We are witnessing the death of channel exclusive marketing.

And it's being replaced with smart campaigns leveraged
by an agnostic channel mix and algorithmic bidding

The LotLinx solution:

Analyze dealers entire inventory to develop merchandising strategies and create the first cloud-based connected lot.

The VIN Score ranks a unit's health in the marketplace on a scale from 1-100 with 18 factors based on 102 variables, including
in-market buyer demand, profitability and selldown rate.

Car Preview Example Card

LotLinx VSR suggests campaigns for those opportunity and challenged units, identifying which VINs can affect margin most positively through aggressive promotion.

LotLinx AI identifies the lowest funnel buyers for each unit and algorithmically bids on the channels that they are visiting, maximizing budget that will result in the fastest and most profitable sale.

Stop burning budget on over-performing VINs and high-funnel shoppers.

Stop resorting to price markdowns to increase demand.

Start advertising at the VIN level and become VIN-aware.

Data is the problem. And the solution.

Only the LotLinx VIN Strategy Report gives dealers the tools to create actionable VIN specific directives that reduce advertising waste and maximize margin potential.


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