A 40 Under 40 Honoree Shares His Digital Success Strategies

Q & A

Q. What are the magazines that you read?

A. Dealer Magazine, automotive news, NADA, auto dealer monthly, Aiada

Q. What is your most successful or valuable vendor that you use? Anyone else besides Lotlinx?

A. Team Velocity. I recently made a switch to them and like I said data is king. They do the best a helping me utilize it. Don’t assume if you add a lead source that gives you 100 leads a month and you close at 10% that you will get another 10 deals a month. Work smarter and take advantage of the data that is available to you. You’ll be surprised about how much you can find out by looking at a simple pump in/pump out report.

Q. What makes a good lead good? Focusing on when the lead first arrives for the internet department. Besides the obvious performance of the lead once they come in and potentially buy from the dealership.

A. I call a good lead as anything that has a good phone number OR an email. Email capture is huge so even if it’s a bad number you will always have a good form of contact in email.

Q. When you talk about your budget, do you include your feed supplier?

A. No I do not. That is billed as a split between service and sales budget. (GM’s rule)

Q. Video and social media is the future; have you integrated this media into your advertising?

A. As I said in the webinar, video is huge but it needs to be done right. Unfortunately I do not have the budget or manpower to do it right. Some video is implemented into certain campaigns I run but I don’t use it as often as it should. I tend to disagree with your statement of social media is the future. 1- it’s already here and like I said I believe nobody is doing it right. 2- I use social media as more marketing my dealers name. I’d rather boost my campaign showing what I just did for the community or a giveaway that I’m doing then push offers off of Polk data. It’s social media so I try and use it to be social

Q. What type of reporting do you like to pull and how do you relay the information to the people that may not understand everything about the digital area?

Just a simple internet lead performance report. It shows lead source, amount of leads per source, and number sold. I exclude duplicates. GM’s like it easy and basic!

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