The research is in, and the conclusions are vital for dealers. Cars that receive 30 VDP views within 30 days sell more quickly than vehicles that don’t receive that many views.

As a new article from AutoRemarketing highlights, our recent analysis of VDP view distribution found that 81 percent of cars sold after they received 30 views in 30 days or fewer. In comparison, only 65 percent of VINs that didn’t achieve that rate and pace found buyers. Which means that dealers who are are able to distribute views evenly across their inventory, in the right timeframe, are better able to move inventory and meet sales goals.

The LotLinx VIN View Optimizer™ provides the in-depth assessment of VDP view activity that enables dealers to boost the efficiency of view distribution, and minimize wasted spending.

As David Salinas, LotLinx VP of Business Analytics explains, “Dealers have the opportunity to optimize sales by assessing which cars need more VDP views, and then distributing views across their inventory to meet their established turn rate goals.”

The article discusses several additional findings in the report, which is the first in-depth analysis of the impact of VDP view distribution on sales. You can download your own copy at no cost.