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30 VDP Views
When it comes to selling cars on time, it turns out there really is a magic number – and it’s 30.
October 5, 2016

The research is in, and the conclusions are vital for dealers. Cars that receive 30 VDP views within 30 days sell…

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VDP View Distribution
Digital is driving auto sales, and the data in our new report tell the story: VDP view distribution is more vital than you might think.
October 3, 2016

As automotive marketing becomes increasingly sophisticated, the momentum is definitely behind digital. Dealers are finding the increased precision digital offers can…

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Dealer Survey
Holiday sales patterns are shifting. Is it a temporary tweak? Or the new normal?
September 23, 2016

For dealers, holidays have traditionally served as important sales generators. Whether it’s Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, or Columbus Day,…

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SPECIAL REPORT: Dealers Are Sending 89% of VDP Views To 25% of Their VINs
June 8, 2016

Are dealers doing a good job distributing VDP views to every VIN on their lot? We wanted to find out, so…

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NEW DEALER REPORT: Where are dealers finding the highest ROI in their digital ad spend?
May 25, 2016

Last month, LotLinx concluded a 30-day study of over 100 dealers across the United States who were using both AdWords and…

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