Three letters that have great significance. That’s because every dealership—and every business, quite frankly—aspires to get the best return on investment. Whether it’s a new piece of software or business relationship, the juice should be worth every squeeze. There are few ways that better demonstrate excellent ROI for automotive dealerships than moving and selling more cars, especially used cars.

CNBC cited reports that projected a total of 41.5 million used cars would be sold in the United States during 2014.

As vehicles become more reliable and new technology extends their lifetime, it’s vital that dealerships champion their used car inventory. After all, new year models get all of the glory with Model Research Pages, advertisements, and incentives. But there is a tremendous market for vehicles that have a little more character to them (and a little more mileage).

So that allows us to circle back to ROI. There are resources and tools you can utilize that will yield an incredible return on investment for your used cars. And here’s the evidence…

Jenkins & Wynne Make Things Personal in Tennessee

In Clarksville, Tennessee, there’s a leading (though modest in size) automotive group called Jenkins & Wynne. Being a company progressive in its approach to digital marketing, they realize that genuine conversations and providing what is most relevant to customers are keystones to success.

And one of the most vocal proponents of these keystones is Casey Jenkins.

Casey Jenkins, Director of Internet Marketing at Jenkins & Wynne, never expected that she’d join her family’s car business. She pursued a degree in education. She thought that teaching would become her life’s work, but something happened during her senior year. Her heart suddenly took her in an unexpected direction.

She began working in finance at Jenkins & Wynne and would later join the Internet department. And Casey brought with her—perhaps an inherent quality that made her want to be an educator—an emphasis of wanting to make things personal. Genuine. True.

“Here in the Internet department, we’re constantly trying new methods to communicate with customers. We’re very digitally sound and have a large presence in social media. But the only thing I would really attribute to our team here is that we’re forwarding-thinking.”

This naturally lead her to begin a search online for some novel way to reach new customers. She started researching LotLinx and was impressed with what she discovered.

“I like the Deeplinking,” she explained. “It’s very relevant and personal versus a blanket approach.”

Deeplinking is the process, via LotLinx’s innovative technology, of linking shoppers directly to VDPs of cars that match their search criteria.

Okay, so what? What’s the advantage? The ROI

Jenkins & Wynne moved their pre-owned vehicles 172% quicker and saved 207 days on lotin September alone. In addition to these incredible results, 80% of shoppers in October that LotLinx deeplinked to the dealer’s site were brand new. This was incredibly potent news for Casey because she values the importance of bringing in new customers to the Jenkins & Wynne family.

And these are just a few of the many spectacular results dealers are enjoying when they work with LotLinx.

All of this truly demonstrates that deeplinking matters.