LotLinx VS – Search AI enables dealers to utilize Search Engine Marketing to effectively drive traffic to used car Vehicle Details Pages. The platform leverages VIN-specific marketing capabilities to create and launch ads for each used VIN you need to sell, guiding shoppers to a matching VDP. There’s nothing like it in the industry, and it’s a game-changer for automotive marketers.

Finally, A VIN-specific solution for used inventory.

The used car dilemma.

Your used car inventory is a typically mixed bag of high margin Certified Pre-Owned VINs, off-brand VINs, high mileage VINs, branded VINs, cheap cars, and more. Ideally, these VINs will turn faster than new cars. But leveraging Search Engine Marketing to drive traffic to used car VDPs has always been a cumbersome task. The LotLinx platform solves this challenge, by dynamically generating specific SEM campaigns for every unique VIN on your lot, and sending shoppers directly to your VDPs.

An SEM campaign for every used car on your lot.

Putting the power of SEM to work
for your used car inventory.

With LotLinx VS – Search AI, dealers finally have an effective way to drive more traffic to used VINs. The platform enables you to focus on all, or even just some, of your used VINS to move your used inventory faster.

Heres how it works:

  1. We analyze your used inventory and identify the vehicles that can benefit from an sem effort
  2. Then, we create specific SEM campaigns, including ads, for each targeted VIN.
  3. Your ads are served to shoppers searching for specific keywords that define a VIN, such as make, model, year, and ZIP code.
  4. When a shopper clicks on the ad, they’re taken to that car’s VDP, right on your website.
  5. When the car sells, the campaign ends automatically, which means you don’t waste money marketing unavailable VINs.

Monitor SEM campaign success,
and your entire budget.

With LotLinx VS – Search AI you can finally market your entire used car inventory effectively and efficiently. With a direct link between your ads and your VDPs, you don’t pay for wasted clicks. Your cost per VDP view is low, and engagement metrics are high.

Our comprehensive, transparent reporting process ensures you know exactly what you’re spending on each VIN, so you can manage your overall budgets more efficiently. You’ll be able to monitor the number of VDP views, and the number of cars sold. All tracking takes place through Google Analytics.

The data you need to maximize every dollar of your marketing budget.

Example campaigns dealers
can deploy using LotLinx VS – Search AI:

  • Your off-brand used cars simply don’t generate the VDP traffic you need to maximize turn. You use LotLinx VS – Search AI to find car shoppers who are searching for those cars in your PMA, and drive them to the VDPs of your off-brand used cars.
  • After 20 days on lot, you typically markdown used cars, believing that a price reduction will convert browsers into purchasers. At the same time, you deploy a LotLinx VS – Search AI campaign to give those VINs both a price reduction and the additional online views they need to move.
  • As a BMW dealer, your used inventory is exclusively BMW. You want every BMW intender, new or used, in your DMA to know about your vast inventory. You work with LotLinx to activate a campaign focused on SEM for all used BMWs.
  • And more…

Dealers can execute these SEM campaigns for their inventory:

Branded Make Off-Brand Make Inexpensive (<$10K) DOL 30+
DOL 45+ Dealer Brand + Used Recent Markdowns Certified Pre Owned
Slow Starters (<15 VDP Views first 15 days) All Used