Relentlessly Pursuing Perfection

The Lexus corporate mantra is the “Relentless Pursuit of Perfection.”  Lexus of Concord competes in San Francisco Metro and has an annual planning volume of over 2,700 new and used vehicles, combined.  They are large, profitable, and successful.  So what does Lexus of Concord’s Digital Sales and Marketing Director, Ray Tomeh, do to “relentlessly pursue perfection” in his market?  He does his homework.   Mr. Tomeh has been working on the digital side of the automotive business for 18 years.  He’s seen automotive CRM, lead management and SEM companies come and go.  Ray began to struggle with the business model in working with traditional lead providers while at Lexus of Concord, particularly as these companies got bigger.  “They send a lead to your dealership. Then, they send it to five or six other dealerships. So, yes, I have a lead to work with. But I am in fierce competition with other dealerships.”  More and more, third party lead providers provided parity, not a competitive advantage to his dealership.

Looking for a Competitive Advantage, Lexus of Concord Finds LotLinx

The advantage?  LotLinx Deeplinking platform reaches over 63 million automotive shoppers monthly, connecting and directing customers straight to VDPs on dealer websites. The results for Lexus of Concord in just over a year?  Over 1,700 unique shoppers, month after month.  An average of 18% lift in closing rate, month after month.  And over 400 days on lot saved per month, which translates to a $25/day savings on carrying costs, per vehicle, using LotLinx.