LotLinx Reporting Tools

Take the wheel and drive more
conversions and raise your ROI.

See exactly how your VINs are turning and Optimize
your digital car advertising campaigns on the fly to meet demand.


Using previous high converting digital advertising campaign as a framework or suggested on lot opportunities.


In the TURN platform see exactly where and how many conversions each VIN is receiving and optimize for higher ROI.


Shopper Roadmap

Identifying Vehicle Display Page traffic sources has never been easier with the LotLinx platform, because for the first time dealers have comprehensive aggregated reporting collected on a single platform.

Shopper conversions and other metrics are neatly tracked by source so car dealers always have a complete view of what channels are driving vehicle sales on their lot, or wasting their advertising dollars.

  • Identify shoppers by specific channel; LotLinx, Direct, Organic, and SEM
  • Track VDP visit priorities in real time:
    • New User Composition
    • Shopper Conversions
    • Shopper Value
    • Sessions
    • Shopper Engagements

REVV Reports

Developed to understand the digital presence of your inventory, REVV Reports review and shed insights on the shoppers you are attracting and the VDP’s they are completing. the REVV Report is emailed directly to dealers on a weekly basis so car dealers are always up to speed on their dealership’s digital marketing campaigns health.

Get crucial diagnostics for:

  • Advertising Reach
  • Engagements by car shopper
  • Vehicles viewed and sold
  • Turn Velocity and saved holding costs

Sold Report

Track the performance of every car that drove off your lot to identify winning digital car marketing strategies and the digital channels that are bringing you increased car sales. With Sold Reports, dealers can measure sell rate and average campaign days by campaign and all sold vehicles. it even breaks down views, engagements, and conversions by VIN.

  • Compare LotLinx campaign results against other paid campaigns
  • Track Sell Rate month-by-month

Our resources
at your disposal.

Never feel like you’re in the weeds with your dealerships dedicated Digital Strategist. LotLinx Digital Strategists work hand in hand with dealers to identify opportunities on your lot and develop the campaigns to produce high ROI.

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