LotLinx VS – Lead-Enabled Retargeting harnesses the marketing power of website retargeting to deliver new, lead-enabled, VIN-specific messaging to mobile Facebook users.

Finally, a VIN-specific retargeting tool designed just for Facebook.

The most valuable leads are also the most difficult to generate.

Shoppers who visit your Vehicle Details Pages are highly qualified, low-funnel buyers. Retargeting those VINtenders (shoppers who have indicated they are interested in a specific car and are nearing a purchase decision) with pre-populated lead forms on Facebook is an effective way to amass first-party email and/or phone leads.

While you could utilize Facebook retargeting to generate your own lead campaign, the process is cumbersome and time-consuming. It’s difficult to create VIN-specific ads within the Facebook platform, and you must retrieve the lead data manually. With LotLinx VS – Lead-Enabled Retargeting, you finally have a better way.

The world’s largest social network made manageable.

More effective targeting,
higher engagement.

Retargeting shoppers through Facebook is powerful, especially considering their algorithm is designed to serve lead-enabled ads to users who are most likely to be “form fillers.” With LotLinx VS – Lead-Enabled Retargeting, you can put the powerful combination of the largest social network and effective retargeting to work for your dealership.

Heres how it works:

  1. You select the new vehicles that you need to move, and that are already in a LotLinx VS – Omni-Channel campaign.
  2. LotLinx deploys retargeting to dynamically generate a VIN-specific, dealer-branded ad within the user’s Facebook stream.
  3. When the shopper clicks on the ad, a pre-populated lead form is presented within the shopper’s Facebook stream.
  4. When the shopper clicks “submit,” LotLinx delivers the lead directly into your CRM.
  5. You follow up directly with the shopper, within the industry standard 15 minutes.

Comprehensive, transparent reporting.

Our robust reporting process ensures you always know
exactly how your efforts are paying off.

Reporting data includes:

  • Number of impressions your ads are receiving
  • Number of form submissions from Facebook
  • Cost per lead
  • Traffic delivered
  • Cars moved off lot
  • ROI calculated by savings generated by reduced days on lot

The information you need to ensure every campaign is more effective.

Example campaign dealers can deploy
using LotLinx VS – Lead-Enabled Retargeting:

You have a LotLinx VS – Omni-Channel campaign driving traffic to your new VDPs, but would like more emails and calls for a specific model. You work with LotLinx to target visitors to that model’s VDPs as they scroll through Facebook. When they see your VIN-specific ad in their feed, they are prompted to “Get A Quote.” All personal information is auto-populated by Facebook, and all completed leads go directly into your CRM for immediate activation.