LotLinx GMiMR Participation means more Shoppers to your VDPs

General Motors in Market Retail (GMiMR) was developed by GM to create the most compelling and brand focused environment possible for the advertising and promotion of GM products and services. All Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC and Buick dealers who are a part of the program can now use iMR funds for LotLinx services.

GMiMR Match and Ease of Implementation with LotLinx

GM dealers can trust that as a turnkey vendor, LotLinx has been fully vetted as a strong digital solution for promoting GM products. 

In addition, GMiMR offers GM dealers turnkey implementation of LotLinx services via: 

  • Direct implementation between Cobalt and LotLinx, with set up taking fewer than 7 days
  • Centralized invoicing, where bills are sent directly to GM. Fees are automatically billed to the dealership’s open account and submitted to Program Headquarters for reimbursement

LotLinx DeeplinkingTM Moves GM Vehicles off the Lot Faster

The 113 GM dealers who are already LotLinx customers have seen exceptional results in moving cars off the lot faster IMR-logo-2when their VINs are promoted via the LotLinx DeeplinkingTM platform:

  1. New cars that receive LotLinx views saw a sales velocity increase of 16% in March
  2. Pre-owned experienced a 39% increase in sales velocity
  3. Overall, close rate was lifted by 72% for VINs that were on the LotLinx platform, versus VINs that were not promoted via LotLinx

“We started LotLinx in 2011 because we knew car Shoppers were frustrated with the lead form process, and wanted to connect with dealers on their terms. We also knew that the dealers themselves were more ready than ever to conduct business with car Shoppers online, and were becoming adept at vehicle promotion via digital marketing. Our results in moving cars faster off the lot for current GM dealers, and the accreditation that General Motors has granted LotLinx in approving us for the GMiMR program, supports our belief that car Shoppers and car dealers win when they are put in direct contact.”

GM affiliated dealers taking part in the iMR program can enroll with LotLinx here.

LotLinx is Coming to a City Near You!

LotLinx is participating in the GM Compass Tour, which kicks off May 19 in Orlando. We hope to see you there!

LotLinx is also an Approved Solution by Chrysler and Jaguar

LotLinx is also PAP approved for Chrysler dealers, and received Vendor Approval by Jaguar early this year.

  • Chrysler dealers interested in using PAP funds for LotLinx services can sign up here.
  • Jaguar dealers interested in using co-op funds for LotLinx services should call the LotLinx Jaguar hotline: 800-846-5144