Dealers often need to supply a burst of VDP visits to specific cars in their inventory to help them sell. For example, you may want to move an oversupply of new cars, drive more shoppers to VINs that have been lingering on the lot too long, or push those VINs with OEM incentives.

LotLinx VS – Facebook finds VINtenders (shoppers who have indicated they’re interested in a specific car and are nearing a purchase decision) across Facebook and Instagram using LotLinx data, Facebook pixel targeting, and enhanced Polk data. Then, LotLinx VS – Facebook dynamically generates VIN-specific ads that land shoppers directly on your VDPs.

The Smart way to put Facebook to work for your goals

A powerful partner for
your Facebook strategy.

Every automotive marketer understands the power of Facebook, and its exceptional ability to supply high quality traffic, quickly. But executing VIN-specific campaigns that can help you make the most of that potential on your own is expensive, and nearly impossible to manage at scale. That’s where LotLinx VS – Facebook technology comes in.

A scalable solution for the world’s largest social network.

The high quality traffic you need,
exactly when you need it.

LotLinx VS – Facebook is a powerful marketing solution that capitalizes on Facebook’s reach and power to deliver a torrent of in-market shoppers to your site over a short, specific period of time. It’s an ideal strategy for reaching end-of-month sales goals, driving focused traffic to problem or opportunity VINs, improving weekend traffic, and more.

It all begins with your inventory. We’ll help you identify the cars that need additional attention to move, create targeted campaigns for them, and put those campaigns in front of shoppers who are looking for those vehicles, right now.

Time your traffic boosts your results

The power of precision.

To create a laser-targeted merchandising plan for each VIN, we build your campaigns using data from multiple sources:

  1. Proprietary data from the LotLinx TURN™ platform, which captures user-declared shopping intention across the internet.
  2. Visitor data from your web site.
  3. Enhanced Polk data from Facebook.

Multiple data sources mean increased focus.

Dynamic ad serving makes the difference.

When the combined data indicate a Facebook user is a VINtender, LotLinx VS – Facebook dynamically serves a VIN-specific ad containing the exact car – from your inventory – the shopper is looking for, down to the make, model, and year.

Deeplinking eliminates the middleman.

With LotLinx VS – Facebook, you skip landing or search-result pages. Instead, shoppers go directly to the VDP for the car they want, right on your website.

Optimized bidding makes the most of your budget.

The LotLinx proprietary bidding platform and bidding algorithms help save dealers up to $.61 per effective click.

Not just shoppers. Buyers.

With LotLinx VS – Facebook, you’ll expand your Facebook reach, and connect directly with large, in-market audiences who are looking for what you have to sell. So you can give a quick, powerful boost of traffic to cars you’ve determined could use some extra help.

Transparent reporting, clear ROI.

Our comprehensive reporting process shows you traffic delivered, as well as cars that moved off the lot. We use Google Analytics’ goals and events tracking to monitor Facebook-generated results. So you can calculate ROI, track savings from reduced days-on-lot, redirect dollars to vehicles that need the most help, and eliminate wasted spending.

That data you need to optimize and improve results

Example campaign dealers can
deploy using LotLinx VS – Facebook:

  • You still have a handful of new 2015s and need to move them as ‘16s and ‘17s stack up. You create a LotLinx VS – Facebook campaign to drive a high volume of shoppers to those VDPs as quickly as possible.
  • Because you ideally turn your used inventory within 45 days, you want to take action for cars still on the lot after 30 days. You create a LotLinx VS – Facebook campaign to drive traffic to used VINs 30 DOL+.
  • Your off-brand used cars don’t always receive sufficient views on your site. You deploy a LotLinx VS – Facebook campaign to focus traffic to VDPs that received <10 VDP views in the past 30 days.
  • And more…