The LotLinx VS – Retargeting platform increases the precision of your retargeting efforts by focusing on visitors to specific Vehicle Details Pages from any specified traffic source. So you can drive actual buyers back to a VDP for continuous engagement until the vehicle moves off lot.

With LotLinx VS – Retargeting, you can dramatically improve the impact of your spending by engaging only with in-market shoppers. This highly efficient, focused approach will help bring actual buyers to your site, while filtering out non-shoppers, and maximizing your marketing budget.

Talk only to the shoppers who are really listening.

Stay focused on actual shoppers.

Did you know approximately 60-70% of visitors to your site aren’t shopping for a car? They may be service customers looking to schedule an oil change, or even existing customers just hunting for a phone number. Traditional retargeting campaigns waste your money on these visitors.

The tools currently available don’t enable you to target visitors by traffic source, campaign, or prior visit to a specific VDP. Which means you’re left casting a wide net, and spending a lot of money. LotLinx VS – Retargeting overcomes those obstacles, and more.

Retarget only the 30-40% of site visitors who are actually looking to buy.

Increased precision,
decreased waste.

LotLinx VS – Retargeting will bring an unprecedented level of focus and precision to your retargeting efforts by enabling you to:

  • Target only users who are actually shopping for a car.
  • Refine your targeting by campaign, traffic source, and specific VINs.
  • Send traffic back to specific VDPs.

Transparent reporting that shows real results.

Our comprehensive, transparent reporting process shows you the number of shoppers that were sent to your VDP pages through retargeting campaigns. Additionally, we can report on how many VINs on your lot were sold through retargeting campaigns.

This level of detail enables you to clearly identify which sources, campaigns, and channels are providing you with traffic to the VINs you want to move. With each retargeting campaign, you can track your ROI and savings from reduced-days-on-lot. And, you’ll save money by only targeting shoppers who are interested in viewing your VDP pages.

More data, bigger improvements, every campaign.

Example campaign dealers can deploy
using LotLinx VS – Retargeting:

You have a retargeting strategy set with your SEM provider, but have not built a comprehensive plan to remarket to every shopper who visits one of your VDPs with a VIN-specific message. You deploy LotLinx VS – Retargeting to ensure that no matter the source of traffic to your VDPs – SEO, email, direct, et al. – you stay top-of-mind with car shoppers who engaged with your VINs.