Lotlinx Core



LotLinx Core is a VIN-based marketing platform that delivers a constant stream of car shoppers to your Vehicle Details Pages (“always on”) across a multitude of relevant digital placements (“omni-channel”). With a goal of one shopper a day viewing the VDP of every VIN on your lot, LotLinx Core will ensure a steady stream of NOW buyers to move cars off your lot, faster.

Analyze the opportunities.
Then act on them.

At the heart of LotLinx Core, the VIN View
Optimizer (VVO) enables you to analyze the
VDP views for each car in your inventory.
So you can clearly see why some are moving,
and others are languishing.

No guessing.
No assumptions.
Just data you can act on.

Create campaigns that deliver “now”
buyers to selected VDPs.

LotLinx Core matches supply – your inventory – with demand – shoppers who are looking for those exact cars. So your campaigns run where the right buyers already are. Set budget parameters for each campaign, establish rules to dynamically target inventory as it arrives on lot, and even focus on specific ZIP codes.

Optimization that delivers maximum
engagement, throughout a campaign.

Savvy car shoppers are always on the move. LotLinx Core ensures your campaigns keep up. Core utilizes three steps to continually optimize your custom VIN-level distribution:

1. Analyze the performance of ads across the platform.

2. Determine where the best performance is occurring.

3. Utilize machine learning to continually shift campaigns to the channels producing the most VDP engagement.

Transparent reporting ensures
every campaign is more effective.

LotLinx Core delivers complete transparency and full visibility, every step of the way. The monthly REVV report enables you to monitor the effectiveness of your spending.