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The LotLinx Certified Consultant Program was developed to support automotive industry professionals who recognize the value of LotLinx and want to make it available to their dealer clients.

These professionals understand that when LotLinx is combined with dealers’ existing online advertising strategy, it helps dealers magnify the value of their websites with faster inventory turns and greater sales.



Driving Local

Driving Local offers an array of Business Development services aimed at gathering together a cohesive plan and process that is consistent, scalable, easy to replicate, and efficient at generating sales, F&I, service, and parts revenue for automotive dealerships and dealer groups, while increasing CSI and customer retention. drivinglocal.com

Cassidy Ann & Co.

A progressive consulting and integrative marketing resource for growth oriented brands, Cassidy Ann & Company analyzes and streamlines business processes by evaluating profit centers and target markets, designing effective brand messaging, content, and implementation strategies for efficient marketing increasing retention and lead generation for growth and maximum profitability. Through our unique process and innovative business solutions, your company will be able to capitalize on market trends that will facilitate your business growth. http://cassidyann.com/