“Great minds think alike…”

As the saying goes. A few years ago, LotLinx founders got together to resolve an issue at the heart of the retail car business.  Dealers had started feeling marginalized by an increasingly powerful “pay-to-play” third party lead system.  Dealer profitability and margins were going down, while the third party lead system benefitted, big time.

The Wall Street Journal just published A GREAT Article, happening upon the pain point LotLinx figured out a few years ago. Thank you, Wall Street Journal, for some great journalism and validating PRECISELY what we’ve been doing and saying since DAY 1 here at LotLinx.

LotLinx was developed to return “Power to the Dealer.”  LotLinx mission has always been to connect in-market shoppers direct to Dealer websites and vehicle detail pages (VDPs), empowering the dealer at the customer and transaction level.  LotLinx dealers understand what Power to the Dealer means to their business.