Solve Your Inventory Problems.

With LotLinx TURN™ you can identify the VINs that matter most to your bottom line, and drive powerful shopper engagements to those VDPs. Below are some common budget-busters we solve for:

  • HIGH DAYS SUPPLY VINs – If your OEM has select models you know have high days supply, you can boost profits easily by targeting those models to move faster than your competing brand retailers.
  • OVER-AGED VINs – When a vehicle sits on your lot more than 90 days, it’s eating away your revenue by taking up holding costs. We can help you monitor your inventory by Days On Lot to make sure you move your cars in time to make a profit.
  • UNDER-ENGAGED VINs – Up to 75% of the average dealer’s inventory is not getting the online attention needed to sell. Our platform can ensure your ad dollars are distributed evenly across the VINs that actually need more attention.

Think about it.

In an industry where new vehicle sales are stagnant at 17M units, inventory is outpacing sales – leaving dealers with major bloat.

When market share is the #1 indicator of winners and losers, how can you afford to waste money on an inefficient digital strategy?