Dealer: Thayer Family Dealerships
Location: Bowling Green, Ohio
Customer: Katie Beakas, Marketing Director
Start Date: March 2017

“The first result I saw with LotLinx was the quality of the calls to our used sales department. You could tell that the people who were calling knew about the vehicles and were ready to buy.“

Thayer Family Dealerships Results with LotLinx

May 2017

Amount Invested


VDPs Viewed


Vehicles Sold


“We're focusing on specific VINs for our pre-owned inventory. Basically, we can pick and choose what cars on our lot we really need to increase traffic on. LotLinx allows us to do that.“


Marketing at the VIN-specific level

Traffic driven directly to Thayer’s VDPs

Support and insight provided by LotLinx digital analysts

“Through the dashboard, we can see that 100% of the views were from LotLinx, and that car is no longer with us. So we can attribute that to a LotLinx success.“

The Bottom Line For Katie

May 2017

Cost per VDP View


1-Month Holding Cost Savings


Increased Vehicle Turn


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