Dealer: McKevitt Volvo
Location: San Leandro, California
Customer: Casey Turner
Start Date: December 2014

“LotLinx was the only vendor in terms of digital providers that I kept when I arrived here. We went from a dealership that sold 30 cars a month to one whose sales are now closer to 60.“

McKevitt Results with LotLinx – McKevitt Volvo

May 2017

Amount Invested


VDPs Viewed


Vehicles Sold


“We literally had no activity on the XC90 T5 model whatsoever. It wasn't until we used LotLinx to develop a campaign specifically for those cars that things started happening.“


Ability to target specific vehicles the dealership wants to move

Traffic is channeled directly to McKevitt’s VDPs

Innovative solutions like LotLinx VS-Facebook for maximizing world’s largest social network

“With inventory being kind of bloated, it costs us $7 or $8 a day in holding costs. If I can cut a week out of that time by using LotLinx, it's a no brainer.“

The Bottom Line For Casey

May 2017

Cost Per VDP View


1- Month Holding Cost Saving


Increased Vehicle Turn


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