Dealer: Jenkins and Wynne Ford Lincoln
Location: Clarksville, TN
Customer: Casey Jenkins, Director of Internet Marketing
Start Date: November, 2015

“We started trying out LotLinx on our pre-owned inventory, and just in September, we moved our inventory of pre-owned vehicles 172% faster.“

Casey Jenkins Results with Lotlinx – Casey Jenkins and Wynne Ford Lincoln

November, 2015

Goal Conversions Generated by LotLinx:


Vehicles sold at $23.41 per sale


VDP views at $2.93 cost per view


“I started researching LotLinx. I researched it for quite some time before I decided to jump feet first. But I believe in the vision of LotLinx.“


Expands the power of Facebook in a measurable and cost effective way

Provides far greater control over prospects by driving them directly to the Vern Eide website

Produces exponential increase in inventory turns

“I know that once we can start building the relationship here, then 92% of the time they’re going to stay here for the rest of their lives and buy here.“

The Bottom Line For Casey

November, 2015

Increased exposure to new customers

Convenient and personal shopping experience

Delivering results

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