Dealer: Grubbs Infiniti
Location: Grapevine, TX
Customer: George Grubbs III, Executive Manager
Start Date: April, 2016

“We doubled our used car inventory when we moved to our new location, so it was even more instrumental that i had good partners that would help me lease this inventory, and LotLinx was key.“

Grubbs Infiniti Results with Lotlinx – Grubbs Infiniti

February, 2017

Amount Invested


VDP Views


Vehicles Sold


“With LotLinx, where they're syndicating my vehicles - when someone clicks on a vehicle, they're actually coming to my site. I get traffic.“


Expands the power of Facebook in a measurable and cost effective way

Provides far greater control over prospects by driving them directly to the Vern Eide website

Produces exponential increase in inventory turns

“If there's one word that describes LotLinx, it's 'all-encompassing.' Is that one word or two? It's not only syndicating my vehicles, it's not only marketing for me, but it's giving me access to all my data.“

The Bottom Line For George

February, 2017

Per VDP View


1-Month holding Cost Savings


Sales Velocity Increase


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