Dealer: Classic Honda of Midland
Location: Midland, TX
Customer: Owner, Joey Gabarda
Start Date: March 2016

“We like to use LotLinx AI for both new and used inventory. Honestly, almost every car that gets connected with LotLinx shoppers gets sold.“

Honda Results with LotLinx – Classic Honda of Midland

September 2017

Amount Invested


VDP Views


Vehicles Sold


“My LotLinx rep is really good at bringing up things like,"Hey, I noticed a holiday's coming up, and you guys haven't moved any minivans. How about if we target them with a model-specific campaign to improve your ROI this month?“


Digital marketing at the VIN specific level

More effective use of media channels like Facebook

Deeper insight into digital marketing activities and ROI

“LotLinx helps me make sure I don't keep a car in my inventory longer than 60 days. After 45 days we find an exit strategy, and after day 60, it's out of here.“

The Bottom Line For Joey

September 2017

Cost Per VDP View


1- Month Holding Cost Saving


Increased Vehicle Turn


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