Financial Reporting Analyst / Developer – Position based in Peterborough NH

LotLinx is a VIN Management Platform that enables precision retailing via patented data science and /AI/ technologies. LotLinx empowers automotive retailers to activate inventory strategies that proactively manage inventory risk and improve profitability.  LotLinx data science determines optimal marketing budgets, assures even exposure of inventory across marketing channels, calculates the maximum profitable retail price and forecasts sales. Today, we’ve grown to be thousands of dealers strong, including hundreds of rooftops under the Nation’s Top 100 Auto Groups. We are a data company.

Full Job Description

LotLinx is looking for a financial reporting analyst to develop and maintain financial and sales reports with prior experience in this area. The candidate must be HIGHLY skilled in SQL development and have the ability to develop reports from this data in Excel, Sheets or other reporting packages such as Tableau or Data Studio.

Report analysts are responsible for developing SQL billing pipelines, developing sales performance reports, and FP&A reports.   They help make raw data more useful to Finance and Sales through statistical analysis and presentation of results. This role requires a significant set of technical skills, including a deep knowledge of SQL and multiple programming languages including Python. The ideal candidate will have experience interfacing with external source data systems, developing data pipelines, and creating architecturally sound, optimized data structures to be used in financial reporting.

Primary Skills:

  • Candidate with a mixture of Software Development; Statistical skills
  • Extensive knowledge developing SQL, ideally working with arrays, nested data structures and multi-terabyte datasets.
  • Ability to build reports in Excel, Google Sheets, create Pivot tables and automate updating of workbooks.
  • Ability to write reports in Google Data Studio, Tableau or similar package
  • Ability to write efficient code– Good understanding of core Data Structures/algorithms is critical for engine development
  • Strong critical thinking skills are needed, you will be tackling complex and loosely defined data challenges, your ability to investigate raw data to find patterns and tease nuance from that data will be critical to your success.
  • Experience in generating, interpreting and understanding financial planning and analysis reports.
  • Operational experience working with scheduling, deployments, tuning, and code management
  • You will need to be proactive, willing to speak your mind, and be comfortable respectfully challenging assumptions.


  • 4+ years’ experience in any flavor of SQL dealing with complex queries; analytics and data models.
  • Must have experience working with nested arrays, window functions and SQL statistical functions
  • Good Analytical skills and experience in cross functional team environment and proficient in Excel.
    (The work will entail heads down coding; testing; data analysis; component packing/deployment.)
  • Able to work in a very high paced, complex and rewarding environment.
  • Git experience preferred.
  • Knowledge of programming languages (e.g. Java and Python)
  • Great numerical and analytical skills
  • Degree in Computer Science, IT, or similar field; a Master’s is a plus


  • Manage financial data pipelines, update SQL scripts as necessary
  • Produce / Execute sales and customer reports
  • Pull data from BigQuery and Amazon AWS;  Build reports in Excel and Google Sheets
  • Build Financial and Sales Reports

Job Type: Full Time


  • Advanced SQL: 4+ years of full-time experience
  • Financial and Sales reporting and analysis: 2+ years experience
  • Statistical functions: 1+ years experience
  • Cloud Computing: 2+ years experience
  • Data Operations: 1+ years experience

Detailed Description:

Query data on both Relational and Non-Relational Databases

Conduct data analysis and generate actionable insights

Make recommendations for improving, developing, and launching solutions using BigQuery, Python, R, Excel, and Google Analytics.

Communicate key results with self-serve tools (dashboards, analytics tools) for the finance and sales teams

Develop and automate reporting of key performance indicators of various LotLinx’s products and services at scale using Python and SQL and spreadsheets.

Partner with sales and finance managers to build commission reports and sales forecasts

Collaborate with engineering teams and stakeholders to build key datasets and data pipelines using Airflow.

Perform statistical analysis on data:

Enable decision making for the client based on statistical conclusions derived from hypothesis testing and forecasting.

Develop forecasting models to predict subscriber and revenue growth.

Analyze data trends covering all areas impacting subscriber and revenue growth, including web engagement, online purchase behavior, subscriber acquisition and retention, customer pricing, revenue, and marketing campaign effectiveness.

Develop predictive metrics and identify pain points that adversely affect business goals.

Use programming languages such as R and Python and libraries like Tidyr, Dplyr, Numpy, and Pandas for data cleaning, preparation, and manipulation

Build and automate reporting and models for key business processes

Build and automate reports and strategic frameworks using R, Python, SQL, and Tableau to provide business insights

Use descriptive statistics in automated reports on product effectiveness

Support the roadmap of data and analytics related projects to support upcoming business changes and partners with internal and external teams to implement accordingly.

Design future dashboards including the design of the data warehouse tables, Source to Target ETL logic and dashboard development.

Interact with business teams to define reporting solutions to meet diverse, complex business needs.


Develop and customize SQL algorithms

Integrate existing, and possibly also build new, data-driven models for the simulation of realistic agent behaviors as well as customer base generation.

Improve the productivity of LotLinx’s Data Scientists by developing standalone tools and leading product innovation with proof-of-concept features for the product Turn.

Optimize, tune and/or implement data pipelines that handle very large datasets with Big Data technologies such as GCP and Airflow.

Work with multiple departments in defining data and pipelining strategies to enable them to have effective analytical capabilities.

Work with Product and Cloud teams to improve automation and scalability of LotLinx’s solutions.

Perform business analysis on large sets of data to extract actionable insights.

Package client ready campaign insights and reports, recommend actionable next steps that will improve performance and drive business results.

Routinely conduct data analysis to uncover insights, inform campaign improvements, future media plans, and testing opportunities.

Drive industry leading intelligence through the development of innovative A/B tests and experiments.

Think holistically as a marketer & learn to translate business needs into comprehensive media activations.