Campaign Buyer Matching Engine

Introducing the only automotive digital retailing platform.

LotLinx empowers dealers to unite their business goals with their marketing strategies. So they can target and sell the inventory that will have the greatest impact, while spending less.

Our platform delivers purchase-ready buyers to your VDPs at the moment they’re ready to buy what you have to sell. The result? You can sell cars more quickly, and stop wasting money.

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Don’t just measure ROI.
Control it.

number1The industry’s smartest VIN-level campaign builder.

The power of the LotLinx approach begins with the VIN View Optimizer™, an innovative tool that brings business planning and digital merchandising together. The VIN View Optimizer monitors how much traffic individual cars in your inventory are receiving, in real time. So you can identify which VINs already have enough attention to sell, and which will need additional support to turn on time.

Armed with that level of precision targeting, you can put your money where the opportunities are, and eliminate wasted spending.

When a shopper is ready to become a buyer, we know about it.

Purchase-ready shoppers announce their intentions through their detailed search criteria. When they seek out a specific make, model, year, and location, we capture that user-declared intent, and monitor intensity scores.

We detect and track over twelve million actively engaged online car shoppers. Which means we’re uniquely able to find and deliver the ones who are looking to buy exactly what you have to sell.

We find ready buyers in high-value places, and match them with your inventory.

The needs of the automotive industry are unique. That’s why we developed the only industry-specific Demand Side Platform (DSP) that executes VIN-specific campaigns, in real time, through ad exchanges, on private automotive properties, on Facebook, and through search and retargeting.

We know when a shopper is ready to become a buyer. As they prepare to make that transition, we communicate to them with ads that match their intent. When they’re ready to act, we match them with the exact car they’re looking for, right in your inventory.

Our bid management system is never satisfied.

LotLinx clients only pay when we deliver purchase-ready shoppers to their VDP pages. To make that happen, our programmatic bid management system is continually optimizing its algorithm. The system relies on our proprietary indexing technology to understand what’s working, and make improvements, in real time.

Our system gives dealers an advantage by making more informed bids, which result in more positive outcomes. It learns, it analyzes, and it improves bids over the length of the campaign.

A conversion platform that optimizes your spending.

We track real-time VDP page conversion and engagement metrics, and use that feedback to optimize delivery at the VIN level. Which means you can feel confident your budget is always producing the highest possible conversion rate, at the lowest possible cost.

When a car on your lot sells, LotLinx knows it. After that VIN moves, we close the loop and gather the data we need to optimize. So your results improve, and your spending becomes even more efficient.

This is the power dealers have been waiting for.

When your dealership is taking full advantage of the LotLinx platform, your advertising spending is aligned with with your business needs. And your digital campaigns are executed with precision, transparency, and efficiency.

Only LotLinx technology uncovers the business opportunities hidden in VDP visit data. So you can move the inventory that will have the largest impact, and shrink unnecessary spending.

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use LotLinx every day.

  • “We started using LotLinx just for stagnant VINs. Now we run campaigns for almost every VIN in our inventory.”

    – Miles J, City Ford
  • “We started using LotLinx just for stagnant VINs. Now we run campaigns for almost every VIN in our inventory.”

    – Rhodes P, City Honda
  • “We started using LotLinx just for stagnant VINs. Now we run campaigns for almost every VIN in our inventory.”

    – Cole T, City Chevrolet

The results tell the story.

Dealers across the country are experiencing the power of this extraordinary technology – and seeing impressive results.

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