Velocity Reports FAQs | LotLinx

Rest assured, we do not share any data from our dealer customers. Upon typing your URL into the demo on, you’ll notice that data from our dealer customers is restricted.

Once you register, our interactive map will populate with competitive sales velocity information. You will receive an email with a link that enables this feature. Without registering, you only see limited information.

We count the first day on lot as the first day the car appears on your website, and track when that car leaves your site to get to the average days on lot number.

We compare sales data on VINs that get views from LotLinx to similar make/models and report the difference as sales velocity.

Register for the live tool and we’ll actively monitor your site and populate this tool with the appropriate data.

You can now compare your sales velocity with other dealerships in your area. You will be able to see the data that we have collected on your competitors but they cannot see your data because you are a customer of ours. For our current customers, this feature is not yet available but should be in the coming weeks. This will be available as a new tab at the top when you log into your dealer portal.

The velocity report captures the vehicles that sold during the calendar month referenced (e.g. January 2015).