SEO FAQs for Dealer and Publishers | LotLinx

As you probably know, SEO ranking algorithms by Google and others are constantly being updated with changing rules. We recently partnered with Be Found Online, a world class online strategy group, to analyze how Deeplinking™ affects SEO. They found that it complements, but doesn’t directly affect, your SEO.

LotLinx uses a variety of techniques to drive targeted traffic to your site. Our focus is to deliver low funnel, active shoppers to your VDPs. Search engines have access to your local listings, so they can in fact appear in search results through a variety of sources.

With how the LotLinx technology is currently setup, it does not provide “link juice” to local dealer websites. LotLinx utilizes a redirect for tracking purposes that prevents site “link juice” from being passed on. This same redirect process also protects you from spam detectors and other penalties.

LotLinx Deeplinking™ technology delivers low funnel, active shoppers (VINtenders) directly to your VDPs. It is not part of our business model to boost a website’s SEO efforts.

For more detailed information on understanding how Deeplinking™ complements, but doesn’t directly affect, your SEO, please see our video.

LotLinx Deeplinking does not hurt your SEO efforts. Our technology forces users to go through a redirect (visible to search engine crawlers but not to the user), which we use for tracking purposes. This redirect prohibits “link juice” from being passed, which means your site is not at risk for Google penalties or other search engine penalties.

For more detailed information on understanding Deeplinking™ and SEO, please see our video.

This is up to the publisher website, so it can vary. That said, the redirect that is in place with the LotLinx technology prohibits “link juice” from being passed on to local dealer websites. So any authority, whether positive or negative, will not be passed on to a local dealer website.

One of the great benefits of partnering with LotLinx is being able to take advantage of our valued partnerships. That said, protecting our dealer customers, as well as our valued partnerships, is our utmost priority. Because of the sheer number of places your listings will appear on the web, embedding hyperlinks to dealer websites could put your site at serious risk for Google penalties, and we strive to make sure that is never the case.

Our goal is to make sure LotLinx Deeplinking drives targeted, highly relevant traffic to your website. We do not utilize the technology to drive SEO benefit, as it could be misinterpreted by search engines as spammy or harmful.

Unfortunately, we can’t control how our publisher partners optimize for SEO. We do believe, however, that given the strong content and SEO rankings of third party sites, should your listings appear within their SEO results, that drives you more inventory “facings.”

The good news for you as a dealer is that Google gives your dealership strong weighting since you are a local site. At this time, Google gives significant preference to dealer sites when a searcher is looking for local inventory.

Bounce rate (or any aspect of analytics) is not used in SEO. According to Matt Cutts, Google’s head of webspam team, “Google Analytics is not used in search quality in any way for our rankings.”

To clarify, what is a factor for Google rankings is the bounce back to Google after someone visits your site from a search result. This type of bounce is measured by the search engine, and it is an important quality signal. LotLinx traffic is from active shoppers who have clicked on a particular piece of your inventory. They are likely to be satisfied by the information received.

To learn more about bounce rate, please see our video and white paper.