BOT FAQs | How LotLinx Protects You From Bots

The entire LotLinx business model is based on driving active shoppers looking for a specific make and model within your PMA, which we call VINtenders, to your VDPs. Bots don’t buy cars, so we take the following steps to ensure that we stick to human shoppers:

  • We use a JavaScript Redirect that is impossible for most bots to navigate.
  • We have an internal bot list that we use to eliminate known bot traffic from your billing.
  • We use two independent systems to verify traffic as from humans. If either system suspects a bot, the traffic is removed from your billing.
  • We subscribe to and use the gold-standard third party bot lists to stay up-to-date on the best international bot protection.
  • We review all traffic data retroactively to further discover any remnant bot traffic.

If you ever believe we charged you for bot traffic, give us a call. If we uncover a new bot that did get past all the above steps, we’ll give you six months of free LotLinx!

For more detailed information on understanding bot traffic and what LotLinx does to protect you, download our white paper.

A 2014 Wall Street Journal article quoted an IAB study stating that one-third of web traffic is bot based. Remember, though, some of those bots are good bots like those from search engines. LotLinx technology works to identify and block bots so that you are only billed for human car shoppers.

For more detailed information on understanding bot traffic and what LotLinx does to protect you, download our white paper.

There are several reasons why your GA numbers may not match our data. First, there will never be a 1:1 traffic match when you buy media that drives to your site. Per Google’s own FAQs, “Reporting discrepancies are common and expected when multiple systems are used to measure line item delivery.” Please contact your account manager for more information on why GA and third party systems don’t match.

As it pertains to using GA to detect bots, a best practice is to enable Bot Filtering in Google Analytics – and is something we highly recommend.

LotLinx does deploy a bot to index and understand all live inventory on dealer web sites. The LotLinx bot is a benign bot, and is used merely to understand market inventory and inventory turn rates.

We are not in a position to comment on the legality of bot activity on the web. That said, there is a fair use clause in U.S. copyright law that allows a third party to recycle content if they can justify certain criteria. If you are concerned with third party activity on your site, please seek adequate legal counsel on the topic.